“To perceive an image is to participate in a forming process, it is a creative act.”

-Gyorgy Kepes

Eric Sweeney

I love the outdoors. Wherever I am. Hiking to the Top of Texas in the Guadalupe Mountains. Climbing to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Jumping off the DART train at the Arts District Station in downtown Dallas. Wherever I go, there’s something worth looking at, something worth seeing, something worth capturing, something worth sharing. So I travel. Around Texas, the USA, the world. Wherever I travel, my eye is caught by patterns, colors, light and dark, symmetry, rainy nights, forests, mountains, beaches…and lighthouses, definitely lighthouses… I try to capture what I see: complexity and simplicity, tranquility and turbulence, joy and sadness, and more. Then I bring it to you, for your perception.

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